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At least Three Times

Writing a blog about my thoughts on the FediVerse versus microblogging has the distinct advantage that I can repeat myself even better. I can first microblog, then blog, then microblog, then blog, then microblog, … without boring myself. Also due to the nature of repeating myself, I get to generate testing data.

Why repeat myself?

If you are wondering why one should repeat oneself, imagine a teacher telling you “If something is important say it twice. If something is important say it twice”. As everything, I say is important and I listen to my teachers, I will repeat myself.

Also I read somewhere, I don’t remember where, something I would summarize as follows. We need to distinguish between comfortable ideas and uncomfortable ideas. An idea is comfortable, if we tend to agree with its premise. Otherwise an idea is uncomfortable.

Now, one has observed that

As I consider a lot of the ideas, I have about the FediVerse as uncomfortable for the relevant people, I will say everything at least 9 times.

Why are my ideas about the FediVerse uncomfortable?

If you are asking this, you do not realize how much work is involved in changing something. For example, let’s say I say

Let’s make migrating with all one’s content between servers possible

everyone will agree it’s a great feature. That’s how we steal Big Tech’s userbase. Unfortunately, it will require a lot of work. Generally, I consider all ideas that require a lot of work as uncomfortable.

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