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Identity in the FediVerse

I rant about Identity in the FediVerse. It’s mostly written, so I have a text to test various things. Also I’m building a blog, where texts like this belong. The blog is going to be an ActivityPub Client. While building this, I realized that I need to implement 2 to 1 below, and it annoys me.

The identity objects

There at least 4 identifiers used for various things in the Fediverse

  1. The fediverse handle, e.g. @helge@mymath.rocks
  2. The actor id e.g. https://mymath.rocks/endpoints/SYn3cl_N4HAPfPHgo2x37XunLEmhV9LnxCggcYwyec0
  3. The public key id e.g. https://mymath.rocks/endpoints/SYn3cl_N4HAPfPHgo2x37XunLEmhV9LnxCggcYwyec0#serverKey
  4. The actual public key e.g.
-----END PUBLIC KEY-----

One can translate from various things to various others. In most cases, 2 and 3 are basically the same. 2 and 3 imply knowledge of 4. Nobody with 4 can look up anything, without effort.

If you have 1, you can use webfinger gymnastics, essentially

GET https://mymath.rocks/.well-known/webfinger?resource=acct:helge@mymath.rocks

to get 2. If you have 2, you can fetch the actor and obtain the preferredUsername. Then you can compute the domain from the actor url, e.g. urlparse(actor["id"]).netloc in python, and combined these two with an @ to get 1.

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